Sunday, 14 August 2011

Mini Haul!

Yesterday I went and did the wrong thing..I spent a chunk of money i was suppose to be saving...oopsy! But on the bright side I did buy a few lovely items! I think I spent about £40 maybe? I'd rather not look at the receipts to be honest....

I got some new falsies seeing as last time i went for a night out one of the other ones i have decided to do a lovely dissapearing act and i didn't realise until i went to the bathroom. Cringe. I decided to buy two pairs..a daytime pair and a more dramatic night time pair.
I got two GORGEOUS Barry M nail varnishes in a deal I think it was 2 for £4 and the colours are bloody delish. I put on the navy one and it looked quite lovely on aswell, sometimes the colour comes out completely different and I hoped it wasn't the case for these two.
Ive yet to try the purple one but i will let you know how that turns out.

I did something yesterday that i very rarely do and had a little look in the mens jellewery section in Burton. I did'nt expect to find anything but i actually did and i was willing to pay the price it was which was £8. But when I took it to the till and added my student discount to it, it went down to 90p! My face felt red hot and my heart skipped a beat.......
I really love it...i think I may shop in Burton more often :)
Another thing I bought was something recommended by the makeup guru SWalker makeup and its the MUA Eyeshadow palette. I was very close to spending a bomb on the famous Urban Decay Makeup Palette NAKED but after watching her YT video i decided to see if i could find it instead. It took me a while to find it, in fact I sort of gave up after going to atleast three branches of Superdrug and Boots but yesterday i stumbled upon it when I wasn't looking. I guess that's when we find alot of things, haha.

 Really love these neutral colours and can't wait to try them out in a makeup look.


  1. That blue nail polish is gorgeous! I recently bought Katy Perry last friday night by OPI (posted about it on my blog) and i'm looking for a color jut like that to wear underneath! Thank you for posting you've stopped my long and painful looking!

  2. That blue nail polish...I'm so in love! I have a navy blue dress from Banana Republic and this nail polish would fit with it so perfectly!