Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Forever 21, Hollister, Primark.....

Yesterday I did a little shopping in preparation for going back to University in a month...I'm really looking forward to going back now and you know when you about to start a new term, at college, school or Uni you want to come back a whole new fashionable and better looking you? I'm pretty sure everybody has that? The new haircut, the new makeup, the new style....it's not just me is it? Anyway back on the subject of shopping..I bought a few things, although I'm definately not finished yet I've still got a few things to get. Those being a new leather jacket (mines ripped!) some new boots and maybe some trousers of some sort.
                                                                  Primark Bargains ;)

                                                                         Forever 21 <3

This jumper caught my eye, I don't have anything else like it so I thought why not and bought it from Forever 21. The leopard print skirt is really cute and i'll put it wit something in an OOTD soon, i bought on forever21.com.

I love hollister but seriously why is it so dark in there? This time I didn't buy any clothes but I went upstairs and had a little smelling marathon with all the body sprays and perfumes. I could actually say i love the majority of them. But I settled for a body spray and a hand cream that smell a little bit like floral candy...if thats possible.
Yummy :)
I actually found a really nice leather jacket in F21 but i'm going to get it tommorow maybe..and i bought a navy sweatshirt from h&m the type you like to do your coursework in on a cold night.
OOTD coming up soon!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Song of the day!

Loving this :)

Monday, 22 August 2011

Natural Makeup Look :)

Quite a while ago I did this makeup video on Youtube. It's my first ever one and theres loads of mistakes in it ie: I doing my makeup in the tiniest mirror! But still I feel rather proud of it considering I was terrified to do it. Soon after I did this video I realised that makeup tuturiols aren't really my strong point, however I'm glad I made the effort!

Monday, 15 August 2011


Hat £8 Claires Accesories, Dress H&M, Shoes £15 Matalan, Jacket H&M

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Song of the Day

I love this :)

Mini Haul!

Yesterday I went and did the wrong thing..I spent a chunk of money i was suppose to be saving...oopsy! But on the bright side I did buy a few lovely items! I think I spent about £40 maybe? I'd rather not look at the receipts to be honest....

I got some new falsies seeing as last time i went for a night out one of the other ones i have decided to do a lovely dissapearing act and i didn't realise until i went to the bathroom. Cringe. I decided to buy two pairs..a daytime pair and a more dramatic night time pair.
I got two GORGEOUS Barry M nail varnishes in a deal I think it was 2 for £4 and the colours are bloody delish. I put on the navy one and it looked quite lovely on aswell, sometimes the colour comes out completely different and I hoped it wasn't the case for these two.
Ive yet to try the purple one but i will let you know how that turns out.

I did something yesterday that i very rarely do and had a little look in the mens jellewery section in Burton. I did'nt expect to find anything but i actually did and i was willing to pay the price it was which was £8. But when I took it to the till and added my student discount to it, it went down to 90p! My face felt red hot and my heart skipped a beat.......
I really love it...i think I may shop in Burton more often :)
Another thing I bought was something recommended by the makeup guru SWalker makeup and its the MUA Eyeshadow palette. I was very close to spending a bomb on the famous Urban Decay Makeup Palette NAKED but after watching her YT video i decided to see if i could find it instead. It took me a while to find it, in fact I sort of gave up after going to atleast three branches of Superdrug and Boots but yesterday i stumbled upon it when I wasn't looking. I guess that's when we find alot of things, haha.

 Really love these neutral colours and can't wait to try them out in a makeup look.

Friday, 12 August 2011


Hey Everyone! Welcome to my blog, as you can probably tell i've only just got it started and i'm really just figuring out exactly what i want to do with it and what i want to share with you.
So far i know i'm going to be taking pictures of what i've slung toghether and where i got it from..my inspiration and thoughts on fashion trends and ALL THAT. Aswell i'm probably going to add some random titbits for your enjoyment. I cn't help it...im rather random! In a way I guess this will be my diary, although it will be a diary that all of you can read with just the click of a button.