Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Forever 21, Hollister, Primark.....

Yesterday I did a little shopping in preparation for going back to University in a month...I'm really looking forward to going back now and you know when you about to start a new term, at college, school or Uni you want to come back a whole new fashionable and better looking you? I'm pretty sure everybody has that? The new haircut, the new makeup, the new style....it's not just me is it? Anyway back on the subject of shopping..I bought a few things, although I'm definately not finished yet I've still got a few things to get. Those being a new leather jacket (mines ripped!) some new boots and maybe some trousers of some sort.
                                                                  Primark Bargains ;)

                                                                         Forever 21 <3

This jumper caught my eye, I don't have anything else like it so I thought why not and bought it from Forever 21. The leopard print skirt is really cute and i'll put it wit something in an OOTD soon, i bought on forever21.com.

I love hollister but seriously why is it so dark in there? This time I didn't buy any clothes but I went upstairs and had a little smelling marathon with all the body sprays and perfumes. I could actually say i love the majority of them. But I settled for a body spray and a hand cream that smell a little bit like floral candy...if thats possible.
Yummy :)
I actually found a really nice leather jacket in F21 but i'm going to get it tommorow maybe..and i bought a navy sweatshirt from h&m the type you like to do your coursework in on a cold night.
OOTD coming up soon!

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  1. AHH, PRIMARK!! It's my dream to shop there one day (but that's sort of impossible considering I don't even live the UK...) I love the jewelry you got, such great finds! :) Adore the leopard print skirt as well, that would be so cute for night-outs! and I LOVE the Hollister body sprays, I have the same pink one as you! :) I agree, it does smell like floral candy, lol, I also have the Ventura one (I think it's a green? might have the name wrong) and it smells like candy apple =] Thank-you so much for checking out my blog and following, I followed you as well! :) I hope to see more of your posts in the future! ^_^ can't wait to see your OOTD!!


    PS. I also wonder why Hollister is so dark... I hate the dressing rooms because I can barely see what I try on, I think it's a way to disguise their price tags...