Sunday, 11 September 2011

Decisions, decisions........

University is starting again soon...a few weeks away to be a bit more precise and before I move back to a life of 2 minute noodles and microwave pizza I want to do something with my hair. Right now it's in that super annoying 'neither short nor long' length that I can't do anything with! I'm thinking shall i cut it into a shorter more defined style or stick it out and wait for it to grow? Because my aim at the end of the day is to have it about boob length?
If i do have it cut these are the styles I thinking about.......

If I go through with it pictures very soon!


  1. hey! thanks for visiting my blog! so you went to Blue Coat!?X

  2. Haha Yh...I think you were either in the year above me or 2 years above, i remember you because we were both in Bugsy Malone lmao :) I clicked on your blog and was like 'wait i recognise this girl! x

  3. The third pic of anne is really nice, you should get that! - please take a glance!

  4. I say "GO FOR IT!" I love this hair cut. Especially Anne Hathaway's. She's one of my favorite actresses.
    Also, thank's for visiting my blog. Why don't you subscribe to mine. And of course, I'll do the same.

    All the best!

  5. Hey!! thank you for your comment, now following!!! LOVE these hairstyles, the last Anne Hathaway ones gorgeous, it's making me want a haircut!!! xx